November 14, 2009


The Embassy of Hungary, together with the support of The International Club of DC and The Great British Pine Mine, is pleased to present the outstanding theatre company Radnóti Színház of Budapest, performing the American and English language premiere of PRAH, a contemporary play by Hungary’s most celebrated playwright György Spiró's.

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the proclamation of the Republic of Hungary, the Embassy of Hungary invites you to this special evening of theatre on Tuesday November 24 at the Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint located at 916 G Street, NW Washington, DC.

György Spiró's latest play, PRAH, is a story about unexpected fortune and incredible opportunity. In PRAH, Spiro tells the story of a middle- aged couple, who have just won six hundred million forints (about 3 million dollars) on the lottery. These characters, born and raised under the communist regime, are used to observe and comment upon the societal changes that have occurred since the collapse of the Iron Curtain.


We are all waiting for the day when fortune favors us. Week by week we trust in five numbers, five small crosses, which should bring our fortune, and we hope our numbers will be the winners on the lottery. We are planning in advance how to spend that money, what to buy, with whom should we share it.

It all happens to the two characters of György Spiró’s latest play, Prah: they won the biggest price on the lottery. It’s easy to dream about something, but difficult to be really happy about it. The couple can not cope with the unexpected fortune: they can not buy their past years back, and they also can not purchase their future. In that certain minute they do not know what to do, but while they are thinking about it, planning the future: just to make sure they hide away the sweep-ticket in a box labeled KAKAO-PRAH. This box is from an old summer holiday at the Croatian seaside, and it contained “kakao prah” – cocoa powder.

So the box is like the past, in which they imprison their future, which will be soon only powder, only dust – like the sweep-ticket itself


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First performance at 6:30pm SOLD OUT!!!
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Second performance at 9:00pm
General Admission: $20 (includes admission to the theater performance only)

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