December 7, 2009

Human Nature

Developed as a multi-disciplinary art space, The Fridge DC is a new gallery located at 516 8th Street, (Rear Alley) in Eastern Market SE. Its aim is to provide exhibition and performance space for emerging and established artists, to promote programs and activities that encourage public awareness, participation in, and appreciation of the arts, and to serve as a catalyst for social change. Additionally, The Fridge is dedicated to art education, with exhibiting artists teaching classes while their work is on display and offering full scholarships to children of low-income DC residents.

On Thursday night The Fridge DC was taken over by mixed media artist Scott LeFavor, who was handpicked by proprietor and gallery director Alex Goldstein to present the artist’s first solo exhibition in Washington, DC. Scott LeFavor is a Boston native living in Denver and was an exhibitor in the important show MANIFESTHOPE: DC alongside some of the nation’s most accomplished visual artists including several of DC’s most exciting up and coming talents. In this new show titled “Yo, You Hear Bout That Show At The Fridge?” LeFavor presents 22 new works of acrylic and enamel on panel including one large installation created on-site. The gallery space was transformed into a showcase of impeccable illustration, beautiful design and, of course, giant money bags. The artist describes this body of work as a social commentary representing disjointed notes on personal relationships. His work playfully reflects the complex interplay of culture, class, and gender in 21st century America.

At the opening reception Scott Lefavor was all smiles, exhibiting lively paintings, and lush design, all of which reinforced his dynamism as both a graphic designer and painter. LeFavor’s aggressive style of painting and printmaking utilizes acrylic paint, spray paint, screen-printing, gel transferring and enamel. His work is strongly influenced by traditional sign painting and typography as well as contemporary street art and the pop art movement of the 1960’s. Working on masonite and other found materials, LeFavor’s bold typeface letters spell out decidedly brash sentiments; LADYKILLER, LUST, PARTY GIRLS. Drawing directly from his personal experiences and current sociological trends and events, LeFavor creates work that is highly narrative and emotionally charged. The merging of his dual interests in urban culture and visual art results in a thought-provoking commentary on contemporary life and events. His work functions on many levels not limited to the sociological, political, and humorous. At his best, he is driven to making art as complex, extreme, and powerful as he can.

The opening reception was a resounding success. One couldn’t have asked for a more comprehensive cross section of DC’s art and design community. LeFavor's debut attracted an eclectic group of attendees including Philippa Hughes, Eric Brewer, and local artists Billy Colbert, Decoy, Cory Oberndorfer, and Kelly Towles.

Music at the opening event provided by El Barbudo.

Bonus: On Wednesday December 9th at 8:00 you are invited to join The Fridge and exhibiting artist Scot LeFavor for an evening of discussion about his current show, “Yo, You Hear Bout That Show At The Fridge?”, as well as his interest in street art and graphic design.


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Artist's Talk with Scot Lefavor
Followed by screening of the film "Painter's Painting"

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
8:00pm - 9:00pm
The Fridge DC
Rear Alley, 516 8th Street SE
Washington, DC

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