January 20, 2010

Il faut cultiver notre jardin

Every month, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities presents Art Salon, a program which serves to connect the District’s art community. Its aim is to emphasize the necessity of dialogue in an artistic community, build upon its relationships with partner organizations, and provide a forum for debate. This event is celebrated in venues throughout the city, and is modeled after the European salon culture of the 18th century Enlightenment. Against the backdrop of a general interest in the acquisition of knowledge, Art Salon is devoted to the art of conversation and the development of DC’s creative community. A convergence of local artists, designers, musicians, and educators, this event is a chance to welcome new and old friends to the Commission.

Exposure to diversity is a great benefit. This monthly event offers artists from across the capital region the opportunity to comment on their perspective, and way of life, and to address the challenges and victories they face. They educate us as to what is happening in their world.

This month’s Art Salon at the Hamiltonian Gallery on U Street offered a special opportunity to honor the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities 2010 grantees with special performances by musicians Christylez Bacon and Tom Goss, and poet Regie Cabico. Visual artist Aniekan Udofia displayed an original painting in the gallery space; his interpretation of a poem compiled by Cabico titled We Run, creating a true coming together of poetry, music and art.

DC artist and Commission grantee Christylez Bacon was recently nominated for Best Musical Album for Children at this year’s 52nd Grammy Awards for his collaboration with the acclaimed folk duo Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer. The album, an 8 song EP titled Banjo to Beatbox, is Cathy and Marcy’s latest collection of children’s songs.

The district's burgeoning arts community continues to grow thanks to the hard work of such talented artists and enthusiastic arts organizations.


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